Hello my name is Aaron Smothers and I am a senior at the University of North Florida majoring in Communications journalism with a minor in film studies.

I am a former Public Relations major but I would find that my passion is writing and that my talents are more suitable for journalism. I enjoy all elements of journalism but I am partial to feature writing. I am a avid fan of the arts (film, fashion, music, ect) and hope to cover subjects of those matters one day. Although I enjoy writing, I don’t see myself as strictly a “writer”. I’m personable, and I have the type of confidence that would make for a great on-the-beat writer and reporter. I have a strong personality, and it is often evident in my writing.

I have really just started to get the ball rolling as far as my journalistic experience goes. I ‘ve had the opportunity to write fro The Times Union, Ponte Vedra Recorder, and for Somewhere In The City.  I have volunteered for the University’s morning media program UNF Now and have furthered my knowledge of the behind-the-scenes elements of a news program as well as the production aspects. Through the courses I have taken, I have developed my oral and overall communication skills. I’m interested in joining a organization that is both innovative and true to itself.

I’m a eager learner and a motivated worker. I hope to learn more and continue to expand my journalistic knowledge in the future.

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